Thursday, October 23, 2008


I don't usually do mushy posts, but I'm in love, and it's still so new and exciting, that I'm going to indulge myself.
He's in my favorite position right now with his little arms folded beneath him while he sleeps on my chest, with my cheek on his head. I love his contented coos, his little delicate puffs of breath, and his little shuddering sighs. I frequently find myself with teary eyes wishing there was some way to forever preserve every detail of him at this perfect age. I love each tiny wrinkle, each delicate eyelash, his tiny little fingers, his oh-so-soft cheeks, and silky hair. He does a little kissy lip thing when he breaks from eating, and this adorable happy, full of gratitude, life is wonderful, pursed, but stretched lips smile that could make me do anything. I'd love to see that every day for the rest of my life. I love his little newborn cry, and how immediately it turns to contentment when he gets back to mom. I love his helpless snuggling and how wonderful it is to fall asleep with a sleeping baby snuggled close.
I'm convinced that the unconditional love for and from a fragile newborn is a gift and perhaps a glimmer of the love of our Father in Heaven, and our Savior. It also makes me wonder about our mother there, and the love she must have for us. I feel so truly humbled, and so full of gratitude to have this little blessing and tender mercy in my life. Though it's passing too quickly, and as fleeting as it is, I love the blessing of being able to share this season of our lives together.

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Leslie said...

Enjoy every minute Tenise! What a sweet acknowledgement!