Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wii love He-Man!

Helam's Youtube video link.

He-Man thinks he's the Wii champ, and whenever anyone else is playing, he has to too, and he gets quite into it.

Quick update..

So as of today I've lost 23.6 lbs, and I'm down a pant size. (But I still don't think it really shows much.) I don't know how much longer I can or will hold out. I think I'll edit my sugar goals to allowing myself sugar 1-2 days/month, and then I think even if I completely gorge on those 1-2 days, I'll still be doing SO much better than if I allow it all the time, and I'll probably stick to my goals longer if I know that I'm not saying goodbye forever, but we'll see. I think I'm going to try to hold out through at least Easter, maybe pretend it's Lent or something. Anyway, thanks for all the support!