Wednesday, July 30, 2008

People really do this!?!?! Um, Gross!!!

So, before continuing, this is going to be gross. Probably more disgusting for the guys, but it's pretty nasty for girls too. (How often is something more gross for a man than a woman.) So, you've been warned, this is gross, and possibly/probably borderline offensive. You don't have to read it. But, I know (because I've read warnings like this on blogs, right before the really good topics) that now that I've said that, even if you weren't interested before, now you are. I should have titled this, "Our day at the park," and had pictures of my kids on swings. Then you wouldn't be so curious about what this is about. But, seriously, it is gross. And it'll probably be long, because this is a topic with which I have issues.

When you're pregnant, you get lots of questions, some that seem normal, some that seem a little too personal, and that you'd rather not answer. "Do you know if it's a boy or girl?" (yes) "Do you have a name?" (yes) "Do you plan to breastfeed?"(if I can) "Do you plan on circumcision?" (definitely not if it's a girl..) Anyway, lots of questions. So, the other day on my "mommy board" the topic of placenta came up. I've never actually seen any of mine, and I'm fine if I live my life never seeing a placenta. So, imagine my surprise when I was asked (in earnest) if I planned to save and eat my placenta.

I admit lately I've been thinking a lot about what I want to eat right after having the baby, and in the few days after having him. (Why does it seem like so much of my thinking revolves around eating... hmm.. that'll have to be another blog entry.) The things I had in mind were cinnamon rolls, I thought I could start rolling the dough in early labor, and by the time I'd had the baby, they'd be done rising, and someone could toss them in the oven and bring me some. I also had a few fantasies about Bajio, Great Harvest Bread, and the Chinese restaraunt in Blackfoot that is the only place I'll get sweet and sour chicken. I also remembered my sweet brother who brought me pretzels covered, no - drenched, in caramel and dipped in chocolate right after I had Essi. That was so nice. What more can you ask for right after pushing a baby out? It was before he was married, and after he left, I told my husband, "He's definitely ready to get married." (I think I'll love you forever for that Ammon! What'll I do this time while you're in Switzerland?)

Anyway, NO!!! Even with all that thinking about my first post partum meal, eating my placenta never crossed my mind. (And I consider myself somewhat open minded. I'm all for natural healing, homebirth, etc. I think if that's what you want, it's great! But this seemed just a little over the line to me. It seemed so revolting that I was amazed anyone had thought of it. It seemed too close to cannibalism to me, though according to wikipedia that is debatable. You'll have to decide for yourself. Oh, and I guess it's considered a great form of protein by some vegans.)

Anyway, apparently, it's very beneficial for a new mother. A quick google later, I'd learned "Eating the placenta can curb postpartum depression, replenish nutrients, increase milk production, and slow postpartum hemmorrhage." "Eating the placenta enables the mother to "reclaim" vitamins and put them to use in her own body."

I guess the biggest benefit though is helping through post partum depression and baby blues. I submit that it could not possibly be as effective as a big box of chocolate truffles, maybe some fudge, cordial cherries, toffee, and perhaps some sugar cookies. I guess it's good my last baby was born right after Christmas. This one will luckily come in the fall, so I'm planning a nice post-partum depression first aid kit of zucchini bread, pumpkin bread and/or cookies, banana chocolate chip bread and cinnamon rolls. Also some hot chocolate and the above mentioned truffles. Then I'll start my post-partum weight loss efforts. (groan.) You know, I think that's the cause of post partum depression right there. You have the baby and look down, and not only are you bleeding (no one told me about that) but you are left with something that is not your body. I think that would send even the most emotionally secure woman into a case of post partum something. Then you have a baby that you don't know exactly how to take care of, big old heavy, full, and painful breasts, that somehow you're supposed to feed your baby with... Toss in several nights with no sleep.. But, I digress. (I always seem to do that when I start talking about food. hmm.. But, back on topic, notice I didn't at all mention that I would even consider turning to placenta in those dire situations.)

So back on the placenta topic. In the same google, I found a TON of placenta recipes. Who knew?!? There was placenta lasagna, placenta spaghetti, placenta roast, placenta stew, and placenta smoothies. Umm... barf!! (And who'd want to cook right after having a baby anyway.)

Anyway, it was while I was doing this that I started talking to my little brother on google talk. I thought it was a funny conversation, so I'm sharing it. (Without his permission.. I hope you don't mind Daniel!)

daniel: Lol. And what are you up to?

Tenise: You don't want to know.

daniel: Ok.

Tenise: But, I'm going to tell you anyway. I was asked if I planned to eat my placenta. I've been researching it, and it's revolting, and there are tons of recipes online for placenta smoothies, lasagna, burgers, stew etc. It's so gross. Anyway, the answer to the question of whether or not I'll be eating it is a resounding NO!!!

daniel: Why not. It's a part of you and your son Maybe you should frame it in his room Or make it a key chain

(okay sassy pants... let's see how you like this turned on you!)

Tenise: In some cultures, it's tradition that the family eats it. If you wanted to come over for a celebratory dinner after his birth, I'm sure we could whip you up a smoothie or a burger...

(me waiting for him to be gagging with me...)

daniel: Can I have both? Maybe wait for the next kid

(What?!? I knew he was kidding, but seriously, this is gross!!)

Tenise: Some people do save it. Others do paintings with it. I guess there are lots of things you can do with it. But, I think you just can't legally throw it away. My kids are big, and usually bigger kids have bigger placentas... we could probably get both for you.

daniel: Nice. Seriously you can't throw it away?

Tenise: I read that legally, you can't throw it away in the normal sense. (Most people in the US never even see their placenta, so it's not an issue.) The most normal thing I've read to do with it is bury it, then a year later, plant a tree over it. But, I seriously doubt that anyone would know if someone threw away placenta. And if they did find out, I really can't imagine them trying to locate who did it. It's just something I'd prefer not to even think about. With my first two, I never even saw the placenta. Anyway, fun that you're going canooing!

daniel.fife: What did mom do?

(Me lighting up and seeing my opening... Two can play at this game...)

Tenise: Well......... The only time we had real meat in lasagna was after each baby...

(Which is entirely true. My mom always used alternate forms of meat while we were growing up. We had lentil lasagna, and spaghetti, and instead of meat loaf wheat loaf... After a baby, the relief society (Women's organization) would always bring dinner, but little brothers with no babies probably wouldn't link that together! )

daniel: Ok now you grossed me out! Haha

(FINALLY! You'd have thought the word placenta would have done it.)

daniel: The rest of the times it was just lentils. No wonder dad wanted so many kids!

Tenise: I thought about the lentil thing!

Tenise: It was Sis. M's lasagna though, so we were fine. No, usually the hospital just does something to them, and they disappear. Unless you specifically ask for it or something.

daniel: Ahh

daniel: Lol. Sadly one can't forget such scarring memories

Tenise: Yeah.. But, after all those placenta recipes, lentils are sounding pretty amazing.

daniel: Haha. I don't know. I actually saw lentils at an Indian restaraunt. I passed

Tenise: Funny. I've used lentils in soups. I never thought I would, but they aren't bad. I like them now. But, I don't use them that frequently, and not as a main dish.

daniel: Ooh. Disgusting

Tenise: Yeah, coming from my brother who was asking for placenta smoothies and burgers a couple minutes ago.

daniel: I bet you make your kids swallow oatmeal and 6 grain too!

(Ha ha ha ha ha! You've got to love a brother who is more grossed out by lentils, oatmeal, and six grain cereal than eating his sister's placenta! LOL! I knew he was kidding, but that just was too funny to me.)

Well, now I forgot where I was going with this whole blog entry. (Blame the pregnancy brain...) But, to answer the question, No, I don't think I'll be partaking of that particular delicacy.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I usually just ignore the tag things, but when someone tags you by name, you really have to do it. But, honestly, after doing it, it was kind of fun, and it is truly flattering that someone would tag me by name!

Rules: list 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions, and three random facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end.

3 Joys-
~ Taking a bath, taking a nap, or even just going to the bathroom uninterrupted by kids
~ My kids, husband, family
~ baklava, brownies, cheesecake, cinnamon rolls, cookies, etc. Especially when I have a dream where I eat too much of these things, and I'm feeling all guilty about it, then I wake up and realize that I didn't really consume all those calories, but I still got to experience all the joy that comes with consuming those calories, that really is the best feeling... (Does anyone else have these dreams?)

3 Fears-
~ Not knowing where we'll be living in a month, and then having a baby the next month
~ Losing one of my kids (physically or spiritually)
~ Not knowing what career path we'll be on for the next while...

But, I do know that faith casteth out all fears, so we're working on that part of it, and trusting that the rest will sort of take care of itself..

3 Goals-
~ Packing, finding housing, driving cross-country, and moving into our (mystery) house alone with my two and a half kids, and figuring out when/where Sariah will get baptized in September... (Maybe that should go up in the fears section.)
~ Staying under the 60 lb mark this pregnancy. (Yeah, it's sad.. I know. I still can't figure out why I don't have 53 lb. babies. Oh, maybe it's #3 in the joys list)
~ Staying in the same house (or even state) for over a year

3 Current obsessions-
~ Finding housing
~ Blogging, and blog stalking
~ Pregnancy and Childbirth and little blue onesies

3 Random facts about me-
~ We've lived (as in had an apartment or a house) in 13 states since we've been married. We've only been married almost 9 years.
~ Didn't go on a date with my husband or kiss him until after we were engaged. (From meeting him to marrying him was only 2 months and 1 week.)
~ At night I have to turn my pillow over several times, so I can have my head touching the cold side of the pillow. (It asked for random facts...)

That's it!

I tag Ammon, Diana, (yes both of you separately) Sherian, Brittany W. and Amber W.

Also, (since I'm only allowed 5) anyone else who reads this and feels that I'm subconsciously tagging you, I am. But please leave me a comment so I know to go read yours!

(So that could be people like Heidi, Jenny, Rachelle, Andrea, Tara, Dana etc.)

Friday, July 25, 2008

"RIP" and "Would you like fries with that?"

Today I was googling "cemetery plot selection." Not something I think about regularly, but I was curious as to the sales pitch for cemetery plots. It turned up basically what you'd expect.

"Deciding where your body will spend the rest of time is not a decision to be taken for granted."

"One of the benefits of having a large family plot is that relatives can visit many graves at once without having to travel to multiple locations. Some people also enjoy the idea that, even though they might have lived far apart during life, they will spend all of eternity next to one another."

"A cemetery plot with a view of a wooded area or pond will be far more expensive than one in the middle of a cemetery. You might also find that cemeteries that are connected with churches are more expensive."

Kind of weird. I admit it. But lately I've become quite obsessed with cemetery placement.

On the corner of Mt. Zion Blvd and Mt. Zion Rd. in Morrow, Georgia (Here in Georgia, we don't waste street names. They've also got Mt. Zion Pkwy branching off these two roads.) there is a cemetery that is clearly the results of a planning and zoning meeting gone very wrong.

Right in the southeast corner of this busy intersection, less than a half mile from the freeway entrance you'll find a cemetery. Right next to the cemetery, is a McDonalds. So, you've got all these lovely cemetery plots, and then a small (maybe navel high) stone wall, and on the other side is a McDonalds. The "drive-thru" runs between the cemetery wall and the restaraunt. Then on the restaraunt, they have windows from ground to the roof of the part holding the play structure for the kids, and painted on those windows is a quite ghastly painting of Ronald McDonald, larger than life watching over your nearest and dearest.

From the first time I saw this, I thought it was appalling, yet hysterical. You have to know that that is not what was envisioned when these people selected their final resting place. I doubt I've ever imagined the phrase "rolling over in their graves" more appropriately.

Everything about this was (to me) wrong (but funny) on just SO many levels, and it just leads to SO many questions, and I just imagine so many scenarios going on here.

Who gave the okay to zone/build a McDonalds there?
Why isn't the fence higher?
Why is the painting of Ronald McDonald so garish?
Why not plant some more trees?
What do the family members who have relations buried there think?
Do they go to McDonalds after visiting?
I wonder if the people buried there ever went to a McDonalds?
Do any kids go visit the cemetery and not ask for a happy meal?
What about the people going to McDonalds? I know a lot of people are creeped out by cemeteries.

Is it not weird to them to be going through a drive-thru seeing the tops of angel wings and elaborate crucifixes over the top of the wall? Does it remind them of their mortality, and what will happen sooner than later if they get too many BigMacs? I think it would be bad for business. I know if they build a McDonalds next to where I'm buried I'm going to do everything in my power to go back and haunt it. (Think the pearl lady on Fiddler on the Roof.) Bwa-ha-ha!

Well, me, being me, I told Jerrod, "I'm SO blogging about this." So I finally went to get the picture. After getting all my errands done, at about a quarter to five, so rush hour, and I pull over on the side of the road to get some pictures of this. After snapping a couple, I hoped I had some good enough to share. As I got back into the car, remembering that I'd promised the kids we'd go swimming as soon as we were done, I realized I'd be in no mood to cook, so (being the reverent person I am, showing respect for all those who'd gone before, and had been laid to rest on the corner of Mt.Zion Rd/Blvd yadda yadda yadda) of course we went to McDonalds afterward.

Actually, fries sound really good right now! (commercial jingle..) ba da ba ba baa... I'm lovin' it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh Baby!

Our little stinker was less than cooperative. He wouldn't get into any very great positions, so out of the 14 pictures taken, there are only 3-4 that are even okay. I guess the little guy is a sweet little snuggler, and just loves to snuggle the placenta. That's where he's been for all 3 ultrasounds. I guess he's just a sweetheart, but with what I'm doing for him, you'd think he'd at least let me get some good pictures. For the price of these things, I was expecting glamour shots, maybe some cartwheels, (which I know he's capable of, I've felt them!) or at the very least sign language for "I love you mom!" Oh well, in traditional mama style, I've forgiven him, and here are the pictures that did turn out all right.

Here he is smiling...

Another smiling picture

Here he pulled his foot up and was poking himself in the eye with his toe. (Actually, Essi was doing this the other day too...)

Both feet up now.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's raining, It's pouring...

Today during Sacrament meeting the Stake high councilman was speaking. It was pretty quiet when Essi starts singing a little too loud, "It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is BOR-ING!!" Jerrod's (and my own) eyes bugged, as we realized what she'd sang, and we both started laughing, (quietly of course) trying to get her to stop. We explained how that wasn't reverent, but I think the message was kind of lost on her, as we were both trying not to laugh the whole time.

For the record, I do think that she thought those were the real words, and not trying to insult the speaker who really wasn't old, or as boring as many.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My little Missionary, and the 4th of July

Well, I'm late posting 4th of July pictures, sorry, also, here's a story that started on the 4th of July. (Sorry, it's long, but good.) Oh, and the pictures really have nothing to do with the story, except that they all took place on the same day.

For the 4th we went to Nash Farms Battlefield. (For historical background go to )

They had a lot of fun things set up for the kids, like facepainting, inflatables, pony rides, food, etc. They also had a building where they were doing Colonial Dancing. It also had seats, and large fans, so that was the favorite place for pregnant mamma.

We were sitting in there, and the kids were eating "Pull & Peel" licorice that we'd previously picked up for the fireworks at Target. A girl came and asked us where we found it,so she could go buy some, so we just shared with her. She started talking to the kids, and when she asked Sariah her name, Sariah replied, "I'm Sariah, and I finished reading the Book of Mormon before I was 8. I also have a loose tooth."

I was more than a bit embarrassed at first. But, the girl was way nice, and started asking Sariah why she'd read the Book of Mormon, if it was for school, etc. Sariah said, "No, I just wanted to read it before I get baptized." Being in the Bible Belt, I was worried she was going to start arguing about it with her. But then she replied, "I've always wanted to get a copy of the Book of Mormon."

WOW! Really?!? That's not something I hear often, and I guess I'd never thought anyone wouldn't know where to get a copy if they wanted one.

She told us about how she'd been stranded in Utah at one point, and how the church had helped her get home, and had given her some food for the trip, and she'd always wanted to learn more.

Well, we could help her there! So we started talking about it and she was really interested. We didn't have any Pass-Along cards (kicking self) or a copy of the Book of Mormon. But, we figured we'd get her number. Then a guy came up and quietly said to me, "I heard you talking about the church." Oh no, I thought, now we're going to get the bible belt lectures. Then he asked "What ward are you in?" I was so shocked, I had to think a minute. (We've only been there just over a month.) It turns out we were in the same ward, and this brother had just recently been called to be the ward missionary leader! So we introduced him to Shannon, and we got Shannon's phone number, then left it in his hands basically. We said good-bye to Shannon, and headed over for the fireworks.

We'd kind of put the incident out of mind, then this Sunday (the 13th) the ward mission leader came up to DH with tears in his eyes, and told him that Shannon has had all the discussions, and is getting baptized!! How cool is that?

Anyway, we're obviously pretty excited. We don't know when the baptism is, but I'm just so grateful for the example that Sariah has set for me to be willing to talk about the Book of Mormon to anyone.

More 4th pictures

All in all, it was a fun day. Sariah's pony's name was Pineapple, Essi's was Buckwheat. They were both realy pleased with their face painting. I loved the little heart cherry on the top of Essi's ice cream cone (on her face.) It was a total accident, the lady's elbow slipped, she was getting something to fix it, but I was like, "No! Leave it!" There was a fun little petting zoo. (Little as in there was a lamb and two donkeys.) It was just a really fun day.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Miracles and the Book of Mormon

I'd heard a quote years ago saying, ~in essence~ "If you need a miracle in your life, complete the Book of Mormon in 30 days." We are in need of a few miracles right now, so I thought I'd try it. (Finding that actual quote would be a miracle, I can't remember who what or when it was said, or anything about it..)

So, last Monday, on June 30, I started the Book of Mormon again for the first time in too long. The plan was to read 20 pages a day. (I also found a reading chart online outlining what chapters to read each day.)

I'm happy to say that so far I've exceeded my intentions.

So, today it has been one week, and miracles are coming. Granted, they are not the miracle that I originally wanted. (It was financial.) Instead, it's been a deeper more profound miracle that has taken place inside of me. We still have the financial needs that we had before I started, (though we've had a couple small financial miracles so far as well) but the feelings that I was having about these concerns have changed. I was so incredibly worried about where we will be living in the fall, how we will be able to afford deposit/first/last months rent, stuff we need to prepare for the baby, (who's due a month after the summer ends) and just getting back to Idaho (just me and the kids at first) 8 months pregnant is a bit frightening in and of itself.

As I've read and studied the Book of Mormon, these worries and fears have been taken from me. I still don't know how we will be provided for, but there is a profound peace that tells me that all will be well. I've felt the love of my Heavenly Father, and have felt of his love in a way that I haven't allowed myself in a long time. I'm so grateful for the tender mercies of a loving Father who is always waiting for us with open arms. I'm grateful for the comfort that He has given, and the rest from the worries that have been consuming me body and spirit for many months. It's been so nice to just rest in the peace that He has provided.

I'm so thankful for the Book of Mormon and the miracle that it is. It's truly an amazing book, and I'm happy to report that it doesn't even take 30 days for the miracles of the Book of Mormon to manifest themselves in our lives.