Sunday, July 27, 2008


I usually just ignore the tag things, but when someone tags you by name, you really have to do it. But, honestly, after doing it, it was kind of fun, and it is truly flattering that someone would tag me by name!

Rules: list 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions, and three random facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end.

3 Joys-
~ Taking a bath, taking a nap, or even just going to the bathroom uninterrupted by kids
~ My kids, husband, family
~ baklava, brownies, cheesecake, cinnamon rolls, cookies, etc. Especially when I have a dream where I eat too much of these things, and I'm feeling all guilty about it, then I wake up and realize that I didn't really consume all those calories, but I still got to experience all the joy that comes with consuming those calories, that really is the best feeling... (Does anyone else have these dreams?)

3 Fears-
~ Not knowing where we'll be living in a month, and then having a baby the next month
~ Losing one of my kids (physically or spiritually)
~ Not knowing what career path we'll be on for the next while...

But, I do know that faith casteth out all fears, so we're working on that part of it, and trusting that the rest will sort of take care of itself..

3 Goals-
~ Packing, finding housing, driving cross-country, and moving into our (mystery) house alone with my two and a half kids, and figuring out when/where Sariah will get baptized in September... (Maybe that should go up in the fears section.)
~ Staying under the 60 lb mark this pregnancy. (Yeah, it's sad.. I know. I still can't figure out why I don't have 53 lb. babies. Oh, maybe it's #3 in the joys list)
~ Staying in the same house (or even state) for over a year

3 Current obsessions-
~ Finding housing
~ Blogging, and blog stalking
~ Pregnancy and Childbirth and little blue onesies

3 Random facts about me-
~ We've lived (as in had an apartment or a house) in 13 states since we've been married. We've only been married almost 9 years.
~ Didn't go on a date with my husband or kiss him until after we were engaged. (From meeting him to marrying him was only 2 months and 1 week.)
~ At night I have to turn my pillow over several times, so I can have my head touching the cold side of the pillow. (It asked for random facts...)

That's it!

I tag Ammon, Diana, (yes both of you separately) Sherian, Brittany W. and Amber W.

Also, (since I'm only allowed 5) anyone else who reads this and feels that I'm subconsciously tagging you, I am. But please leave me a comment so I know to go read yours!

(So that could be people like Heidi, Jenny, Rachelle, Andrea, Tara, Dana etc.)


Tara said...

I love your third joy. I never bake or go shopping so I don't get to indulge so often. However, I did crave cinnamon rolls at the beginning of my pregnancy. I did do the tag on my blog.

WrayFam said...

Wow- Look at you go you little blogger you. You must elaborate on your story about meeting your husband. I love a good love story. I duelly note the tag and will do it the next time I get a chance!

Leslie & Josh said...

Hey Tenise. I know how you feel. Josh and I have only been married six years now and we've moved 14 times. Some of those were in state; however, still changed wards and towns, friends, etc.

Things do have a way of working themselves out. Have faith that you will land where the Lord would have you.

Tenise said...

Yeah, we've lost count of how many times we've actually moved, so now we just count by state. We've also had lots of instate moves, and we've lived in Oregon, North Carolina, Virginia, Utah, and Idaho more than once each, with at least one state (generally on the other side of the country) in between. But we're up to over 30 total moves.

It's exhausting, but it's been great. It's forced us to become as close as a family can be, because throughout all those moves, we're all we've got. So that's a huge blessing.

But, you've done it too, so you understand!

Tenise said...

Amber, I'll have to do another blog about it! LOL! It'll be a long one though. Short story would be, Julie and Todd from Saturday's Warrior meets Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy from Pride and Predjudice. But naturally, I think our story is better. LOL!

SunnyScarlet said...

Wow, I have the same pillow issue. It has to be cold or I can't sleep (so I too flip my pillow around all night long). It's funny the things you find in common with other people!