Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving ~ We're thankful for....

I saw this on another blog, and loved it so I'm unashamedly copying them. Also, an apology to everyone who's "tagged" me.. I'll totally get on those sometime soon(ish.)

Things we're grateful/thankful for. (These are the answers that I got when I asked people in our family what they were thankful for.)

1 That I'm married to you.
2 Helam, and his splendid chubbiness.
3 Sariah, and the time I can spend writing music with her.
4 Essi, and how she's such a silly little sunshine, and how she mispronounces her plurals and tenses. (ie. saw=seeded bought = buyded)
5 That our van is paid off.
6 For the internet and technology. (Yes.. he loves technology.. But not as much as me you see... Always and forever... ha ha ha.. )
7 The Scriptures and how I feel when I read them
8 Prayer
9 My testimony.
10 The songs and music that I'm inspired to write.
Bonus: the Temple, especially the one in Rexburg.


1 Sariah. I love how excited she is to learn anything and everything.
2 Esther. How tempestuous she is. When she's happy, a sunnier disposition you could not find. But when she's mad... Whoa. I think she's inherited some of that Scottish Fife girl fiery temper passion. I actually really love that about her.
3 Helam. Actually, everything about his sweet soft self. I especially love how unconditionally he loves me. In his eyes I'm perfect and everything about me is just right. The love he has for me helps me love myself.
4 The fact that that what I wrote about Helam could also be written about Jerrod. (well, not the sweet soft part... He's more Edwardian.. you know.. chiseled marble.. ;) ) I'm truly blessed to have him for my husband and best friend.
5 Blogging, and especially when people comment. (Thank You!!!) It's (sadly) some of the only adult interaction I get.
6 Scriptures.
7 Our ward.
8 That our family has grown so close and that we've been able to experience so much through all our moves.
9 My brothers and sisters and sister in law and mom and dad and other extended family.
10 The Gospel of Jesus Christ and that family will extend beyond the grave.

Sariah (8)
1 Books.
2 That I get to go to my grandma's house for Thanksgiving.
3 My parents.
4 That my mom's such a great cook. (No I didn't pay her, but I'll be giving her an extra slice of pie for that one! ;) )
5 Christmas
6 Friends
7 My room
8 That my mom didn't make me go to school today.
9 All the nature
10 The trash on the ground that my mom lets me keep. (That's another blog post entirely.)
Bonus: that Jesus will come again, and for the beautiful world that Jesus made, and that I can play the piano

Essi (3)
1 Sariah loves me
2 Jesus is still alive now
3 That I have grandpa's and dad's and aunt's. (I'm assuming she means all her relatives, and I don't know what she means with the plural dad thing. ha ha!)
4 That I have a mom
5 That we have food to eat
6 Toys
7 Helam
8 That Christmas is coming
9 The dragon we got from the library
10 I love you
11 That I have a mouth, and that you have a mouth.
12 That we have paper towels
13 For Essi

Helam (7 weeks)
1 My soft soft soft (oh so soft) and cushioned mommy.
2 The sweet nectar that seems to flow from my mom.
3 The not so sweet nectar that comes in the formula canisters from Sam's Club.
4 My dad, especially when he changes my not so pleasant diapers, he's a pro.
5 My swing
6My mom.
7 Mobiles. But, I still can't figure out where the toys go in the time between when they dance out of my line of vision and reappear minutes later... Still working on that one.
8 That my mom lets me sleep on her, and doesn't get mad that I puke down her shirt at least once a day.
9 My doggy bed that my mom brilliantly thought would make a great co-sleeper.
10 Ummm... My mom.

What are you thankful for this year?


Andrea said...

Tenise, I love your post and I love the idea. Perhaps I'll steal it too! I always love reading your post. Even though, I have never met you, I am thankful to consider you a friend in the blogging world! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Leslie & Josh said...

I don't mind at all. I think it is a great idea and a wonderful way to preserve a beautiful piece of our childrens' little brains. I agree that blogging is one of the only ways I interact with other adults. i actually get a little sad when I don't get any comments. So, Thank YOU for commenting on my blog. I appriciate it.
Happy Thanks Giving

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Tenise, you are so awesome. I'm so glad I get to spend Thanksgiving with you and your family.

Tara said...

Great post. Since you asked, I am thankful that Martin is ok.

RBA said...

I'm happy and grateful you're my wife, you sweet thing;)