Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I can't think of a catchy title but I wanted to show off a bit!

I've never gotten into the whole scrapbooking/homemade card thing. Well, I've sort of gotten into it, in that I've purchased piles of papers, letters, stickers, flowers, glue, etc. I've yet to complete a single page. So I'm pretty proud of my latest project where I actually used scrapbooking materials and completed a project. (I'd be a lot more proud had I used up some of what I'd already had, but instead I bought some new stuff, but let's pretend that part didn't happen.) This was my first attempt and I'm pretty happy with the results. I also enjoyed making it which I suppose is a really really good thing, as when I was buying "just a few" new things, I found a "really good deal" on smaller notebooks, (I love notebooks and basically anything made of paper.) and bought a lot. I figured they'd make great homemade gifts... Hmm. Well, at least one is done, and the recipient will love it! (It's Essi.)


This is a cute little writing book we got for Essi. Each page has a place at the top for a picture, and the bottom it is lined for beginning writers. Very fun. But not quite fun enough.


Much more appealing for my budding writer! (Unfortunately, the notebook was not as appealing as the Wii that Essi is now grounded from after failing to shower me with adequate gratitude, praise, wonder and excitement.)


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This is beautiful... I think you should start a crafts website because you are very talented :)