Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Babies and Roses

"What's in a name?" asks Juliet, who continues with, "That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

As we've been considering baby names, I've come to fully and 100% agree with Anne (with an "E") Shirley's thoughts,

"I read in a book once that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but I've never been able to believe it. I don't believe a rose WOULD be as nice if it was called a thistle or a skunk cabbage."

But, I'm also wondering if the diaper of a Horace/Eustace/Herman/Melvin would smell any different than the diaper of a Aiden/Caden/Braden/Haden/Jaden/Raiden..

Also, I've decided it's a lot harder to pick a boy's name than a girl's name. It seems like no matter what the girls name, the girl can make it her own. (Apple?) But, with some boy names, you really can only do so much, or a bunch of other boys have the name, or for a lot of really great boy names, they've morphed into girl names. I'd feel so bad giving my boy a name, and him coming home from school telling me that he has five other kids in class with the same name, and they're all girls. Poor guy. So, then you have to start making up names, or going with really weird stuff. Anyway, off that soapbox.

Over the course of our baby name discussions, we've had several suggestions that were funny to me.

The first one came from my husband, a few minutes after we found out we were pregnant.

Jerrod: If it's a boy, we could name him Jacob, and then for a middle name we could name him after my dad, and use Edward.
Me: You are suggesting that we name our baby Jacob Edward?" Then I started laughing. He didn't get what was so funny. Then I told him we can't because millions of obsessed Twilight fans would be using the same two names for the next 5 years.

Then, after reading from the Book of Mormon one day, Sariah comes out, and says, "I really, REALLY wish that Kishkumen was a good guy, because he has SUCH a COOL name!" I just laughed as I imagined raising a son named Kishkumen.

Other names that have been suggested by my children (for a boy) in all seriousness are;

From Essi we have Rainbow Brite, Ace, and Prince Charming.

Some of Sariah's contributions are, Crusader, Destroyer, Skywalker, Jedi, (which I actually kind of like..) and Anakin.

There were a lot more, but I don't remember them.

So, what will our little guy be named? Well we have finally settled on what he will be named, (Unless it changes... lol.) but it's remaining a secret. Mainly because if someone doesn't like the name, I want it to be his name before they have a chance to warn me not to use it, then if they don't like it, the only two options are to either be rude and tell us they don't like the name we've given our precious child, or keep their comments to themselves. (Which really are the same options that they had before, it's just some people don't see it that way.)

A clue for those who do want to know or guess, both the first and middle name can be found in the book of Mosiah. If you already know or have been told one of the names, you don't get to guess.

Also, comment and tell me what you love or hate about your name, people with names that have given them grief, or just funny name stories.


Jadie said...

Off the top of my head I'm guessing Benjamin...and Noah. So he's either Benjamin Noah or Noah Benjamin. I'm thinking it's the latter. (Or perhaps, will we have a little Alma Abinadi on our hands?)

When I was pregnant with my last, my older son wanted to name him Anakin Skywalker--with our last name that would have made his initials ASS.

Sherian and Co. said...

Oh Oh! I'm guessing Benjamin Alma, or Noah Benjamin. I can say that I am SO glad I didn't have to name a boy. I agree that a girl can have just about any name imaginable, but a boy has to be named somthing masculine, not too unique, and you probably don't want the same name as every other kid in his Kindergarten class. Good Luck!!!
So I am really sad I couldn't come to Sariah's baptism. I want to come up and see your little one when he gets here. The girls would love to get together, and we could give you a break!

Di said...

Nice!!! I'm definitely coming to Essi and Sariah for some sweet baby names when I get pregnant. Or maybe just for a giggle. :) But then again, there's something to "Destroyer Wertman."

When my mom was pregnant with one of my younger brothers, Keith wanted to name him "John Pickle Brown." I guess it would've been okay until the middle name came up in conversation.

Leslie said...

Enjoy your secret for a bit more Tenise! I can't wait to meet that boy regardless of what you picked for his name!


Jenny Ricks said...

Boy names are for sure harder to choose. I'm all about the traditional names! You're right about how everyone has an opinion when you tell them the name you choose... good idea on keeping it secret!

Andrea said...

I agree boy names are harder. We have one, but have never had the chance to use it.
I can't wait to hear what your babies name is. I'm with you on keeping it secret. People ALWAYS love to share their OPINION.
Our daughter Ariel's name came from Isiah ch. 29, but everyone still always says, "you must really like the Little Mermaid, huh?".
Then with our Cecily Elisabeth--oh no one liked that name. But I didn't care because I LOVED it and still do. But the worse was when someone thought her name was SESAME. My poor baby is always going to have to spell her name, but oh well it builds character.
Love this post.

Willis Four To Be said...

Tenise...you are SO FUNNY! Like I said on my blog, I just have to keep busy...I still have about 6 more weeks if everything goes well! :)
The tutus are so easy with the video I have posted. You can totally do it! When both of our little guys come & things settle down, you are more than welcome to come make bows. Just because we're having boys, doesn't mean we have to forget about our girls too. :)

We do know Ammon! We actually had them over for dinner shortly before they moved.