Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Family update and travelogue

Well, we're back in Idaho. Everything with our move went incredibly smooth. I feel like we were being blessed every step of the way. I was able to get enough of our apartment packed myself before Jerrod was done with work on August 30, that we were able to move out on Sept. 1, as we'd hoped. That was a pretty big miracle in and of itself. I'm still so grateful that that part is over!

Our trip went as good as any cross country trip could go at 8+ months pregnant. Things went really well. (My only problem was that my ankles swelled to about 3 times their normal size. It was SO crazy to look at them.) We were able to take a detour that allowed us to see Jerrod's biological father and grandparents for the first time since we've been married, and they got to meet the kids. It was a really nice trip. I was a little sulky about the whole thing, because I was thinking it was going to add 5 hours to our trip. After feeling sorry for myself for a while because I didn't want the drive, and I didn't want to meet people for the first time as huge as I currently am, I felt good about the trip. Then my angel sister, who just got back from her mission, called and said that she was going to Utah, and could pick up our other car (that Jerrod's co-workers drove there so Jerrod and I could drive home in the same vehicle (another huge blessing..) and drive it back to Idaho! That was SO awesome for us, and it ended up making our trip the same distance, or possibly an hour shorter than it would have been without the detour. :) It was great. It was nice visiting with Jerrod's "other" family. The children's great grandparents were delighted by our kids (which made me like them.. Basically, if you like my kids, I like you. lol.) and they spoiled them with presents and lots of candy. I think these were some of the first people that I've seen gush over my kids to the extent that Jerrod and I do! So that was fun.

Jerrod, Grandma June, Sariah, Grandpa Larry, Esther

Sariah, Grandpa Don, Esther

Also, our detour through Chadron allowed us to see what we thought was the best road sign ever, so we turned around and took a picture of it.

A while later, we saw one better, but I told Jerrod that he'd better not go take a picture of it, because I wanted to get home. Luckily google images provided a picture!

Then when we got to Idaho, everything worked out perfect for us to move into our house immediately, and with my dad's help, and a fantastic husband, we got all our stuff moved from our storage unit and to our home in one day!! I was expecting that to take at least several trips over the course of the month. So, that was another HUGE blessing.

Then with a bunch of other stuff, everything went more perfect than we could have possibly planned. We were able to get Jerrod enrolled in school, and Sariah's baptism planned and done better than I'd hoped. (I'll do another blog with pictures from that..) I met my midwives that I'd talked to on the phone throughout my pregnancy, and I absolutely LOVE them! I'm so excited that we'd decided to go with them, I'd felt good about it before, but after meeting them, I'm just thrilled. The only thing that would be better is if our baby would come. But, actually, I think he's waiting for us to buy him a carseat, so hopefully, this week that should happen.

So anyway, we're doing really really good. We're settled in, we have a fabulous ward, possibly our favorite that we've ever been in. (It seems like we say that everytime we get in a new ward though.)

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Andrea said...

I'm glad to read that you all are in Idaho safe! You really are a trooper going through all that in your last month of pregnancy! I'm glad you had a lot of blessings along the way to make it easier.
Here's to the baby coming soon (well, not until the carseat :) )!