Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Essi: Parts 1 and 2

I've been meaning to do a little birthday post about Essi. Her birthday was on the 30th. Of December. In that post I was going to talk about what a sweet little fairy princess she is, weaving in details of her humor, about how much she loved her family, and how we love her. This is not that post.

Part 1

On Friday the 13th, we got to take her to the E.R. She's been more than anyone else in our family, combined, over our entire lives. In this episode, our daring princess journeys to the forbidden lands of the top bunk and suffers tragic consequences when she meets the ceiling fan.

Our brave princess was not upset by the ceiling fan though. Her sister however was, and started screaming for mom. Queen Mom (okay, so I had to toss the title in there) was also upset by the incident, and the blood gushing from the eye of the princess. (I thought she'd lost it.) We washed her bleeding face and body, and throughout all that, the only thing that upset her was that I had blood on my arm. (Not the fact that the blood on my arm was there because it was gushing from her face..)

We take her to the ER and she got some medicine squirted up her nose. (Which she screamed about because it tasted bad.) Then it sort of relaxed her, but not as much as talking about Valentine's Day did. (Such a romantic.) As soon as the stitches were done, the medicine kicked in. All the sudden she was VERY loopy. We asked her if she was in Happy Land, and she slurred, "No, I'm in Fairyland." It was quite funny.

Part 2

Essi got her stitches removed today. Wowza. The girl screamed more in the 20 minutes (It should have been 2.) it took to do that than I did when I had Helam. Anytime the poor doctor got near her she freaked. She didn't hesitate at all to scream out everything he was doing wrong. The little mule about kicked him several times. He was a good sport about all of it though.

If she were sad and scared, it would have been one thing, but she was just spit and spunk and vinegar, so it was actually kind of funny.

Then later in the car, she felt her stitch free sore and said, "Hey! I have a pretty face again!" so she was happy after all. (My vain little darling. I wonder if I'd mentioned the benefits to her beauty if she would have cooperated better. Who knows.)

But yikes, you don't mess with that one.

The opposite of her would be Sariah who at that age sat fully alert through 8 fillings and a baby root canal (in one sitting) and obeyed everything mom and the dentist said. (I swear she brushes.)

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RBA said...

That was hilarious! I love your witty commentary. That's so funny how Essi was such a little spitfire. She cracks me up!