Friday, May 15, 2009

Puyallup Fair (a month late)

I just got all my phone photos transferred to computer, so I'm finally writing about this! We went on April 16, the day before one of the kids rides toppled. We had such a great time, and even though I grew up in the heart of Eastern Idaho State Fair territory, I've definitely found a new favorite. The fair grounds were immaculate, all the display areas were really clean too. They had artists performing pottery making, and other forms of art. There was a huge building with free kids activities. The kids got to make spring hats, potato people (you'd expect that in Idaho, but we found it in Washington, go figure!), bookmarks, and shakers. There were other craft booths, but we didn't go there. The coolest area by far was the reptile area. The kids got to see all sorts of wonderfully horrible creatures, and got to pet a few too!

Sariah used her own money and paid to do a bungee jump thing. It was on a trampoline, and she was harnessed to bungee cords. She got to jump so high, and was doing back flips like crazy. She loved it. I wish it would have been light enough when she did that for me to get a picture.


Andrea said...

This looks like sooo much FUN! I love fairs! Your fair looks a lot more fun than ours though. The reptile area looked pretty cool. I've been a little out of the blogging world lately, but I really enjoyed coming to your site and reading about your family. The pictures are all beautiful. I especially loved the tulip fields and your babies are getting bigger.

Leslie and Josh said...

Wow that sounds awsome! hope you guys well this summer hope you're having better luck than we are down here.

Trista said...

Essi looks a little scared of touching the snake. I'm impressed that she touched it! Do they have that every year?