Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cute and Crawling

Today I was watching this little guy roll and crawl around. He was so cute just being his little pint sized self. Then he looked up at me and flashed his contagious smile, and my heart swelled. As I smiled back, I hoped with all my soul to never forget this moment, watching him crawl around, his gummy grin, and the warmth of his spirit. Being a mother is such a rich privilege. I'm so grateful for my kids, and that I can share each day of my life with them.


Leslie and Josh said...

AMen to that! Mother hood is the most wonderful and the hardest most rewarding in the simplest ways.

this summer we're in tucson. good luck guys. ;)

Ammon said...

He's such a cutie!!! Di and I were just talking about how we wish we could see him and hold him. (I like his outfit, I think it is a "Super Man" look.)

sherian said...

He is growing so fast. He really is so stinkin' cute!
Thanks for the reminder on 'motherhood', it was one of those days... and I really needed to hear that! Love you.

Trista said...

WOW!!! He is growing so big! and crawling. You are such a great mother! I really look up to you and admire you so much for all the work and sacrifices that you do for your family. You are such a great sister and an example of motherhood to me! I love you!

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