Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tulip Fields

We went to Skagit Valley's Tulip festival last Monday. It was a beautiful drive, (It seems that they all are in the Northwest.) and a really lovely day. We went to one of the tulip fields, and then we went to a park, and then down to the water front, and walked around the old town main street that was full of cute little shops. We ended the day with homemade ice cream. It was such a delicious day.
You can see all the different colors of tulips behind the kids. I love how Helam is half the size of Sariah!
I really love this little munchkin.
He loves being in the dirt or grass.

We're still working on the thumb thing.
I really liked this one!


Heidi said...

These pictures are beautiful! I can't figure out how, when you're just across the mountains from me, you get beautiful tulips while we still have snow on the ground in some places.

Jenny Ricks said...

How fun! I love your pictures and can't believe how fast your little boy is growing up!

Leslie and Josh said...

how fun. The best thing I love about this job is that you get to go to new places and stay long enough to really see some sights and absorb what life is like there for a while.

Ammon said...

I love my nieces and nephew!

sherian said...

They are so cute! I love Essie's cute little 'princess' pose with all three of them. (I can't get over how much her and Addi are alike) I love the pic of Helam in the tulips... like he could be planted there!