Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tooth Fairy

Saturday night Sariah lost her other front tooth! (Finally!) Her permanent two front teeth were growing in behind her baby ones, and pushed her baby ones so they were sticking straight out. We're all glad that they are gone.

Anyway, last night the tooth fairy finally made it over here. Perhaps she didn't know we'd moved to Washington, or perhaps she didn't have cash and didn't want to go get it. Who knows. (Sariah does.)

This morning after Sariah checked under her pillow and found her cash, Essi frumped out of the room and pouted, "She's ALWAYS leaving stuff for her!!" Then Essi looked under her pillow to see if maybe Santa had come and left something for her. No such luck.

I've gotta say that the tooth fairy is much more generous now than she was when I was a kid. I remember when I got my first 4 teeth pulled, I got a quarter per tooth, and I was pretty stoked. That was a whole buck! When my daughter got her four teeth pulled, she ended up with 20, and a toy! (The day before someone was bragging to her that the tooth fairy brought her 2 dollars per tooth, so we took the low road. haha.)

What did your tooth fairy bring, and what will your kids tooth fairy bring?

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