Monday, June 23, 2008

Blog Stalking...

Okay, (Well, first an unrelated observation, I seem to start all my blogs with "Okay," then I start talking. What an interesting quirk. What amazing self discoveries that come from blogging. What an amazing form of therapy. I think also the sheer amount of posts that I've put up over the past few days illustrates how much I need this therapy. There's just something SO cool about posting on a blog. It gives me the opportunity to form (somewhat) adult thoughts, and feel like I am actually talking to grown-ups, when really, I am at home with kids all day, every day. It's very nice.)

Now, what I was originally going to say.

Now that I've entered the world of blogging, I've become quite obsessed with finding other peoples blogs. I'm feeling kind of like a creepy stalker, typing in the names of friends and family, and all their kids names (complete with alternate spellings, in case I got it wrong) hoping that they have a blog, and I can spy on their lives! Then, when I find blogs of people I know, I go through all the blogs they have on their blog lists, and find more people.

I love reading about these people, and their lives, but I suppose I'm wondering about blog etiquette. Do I say hi, and let these people know I'm reading, and enjoying hearing about their lives? Do I just silently observe, and know all this stuff about people from reading then when I run into them and ask, "How're you doing?" pretend I don't already know? Is this like eavesdropping on coversations not meant for you, or is it fair game because it's posted on the internet?

A lot of these people are people that I only know, or have known on a very casual basis, sometimes not much more than their name and where they're from. But, I'm really excited about reading about them, and getting to know them better, even if I didn't really know them before. Is it still okay to read these blogs? What about commenting?

Well, now you know. I'm stalking you. If you see your name on my "Blog's I Like" list, well, I like yours! lol! (I suppose if you really don't want me there, you can block me, and I'll completely understand.) If you have a blog, and it's not on my list, I probably don't know about it yet. Please send me your links! I love to read about how everyone is doing!

(Wow, blogs are a great confessional too!)


sherian & co. said...

Hi! I'm so glad you stalked me! I do the same thing...and next thing you know I've been on the computer for 3 hours. It is so fun to find people, but I'm like you say "hi"? and what about private blogs? it seems weird to have to ask someone for an invite. I wish there was a book of rules. It sure makes you think what a small world it really is!
Congrats on your baby!!! Nobody had told me you were expecting... and a boy!?! That is so awesome, I'm really excited for you. Love ya!

Leslie said...

Good questions Tenise... I found your blog recently :) and a few others... welcome to the wonderful world of blogging :)

Hope you like mine too :) I can be Little Leslie :) LOL

Karen said...

I don't know what the typical "etiquette" is, but I'm always excited when I find out that someone actually reads my blog occasionally. I love to see what other people are up to. It's nice to feel kind of connected with old friends.