Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where are all the spoons?

We've been noticing that our spoons have been disappearing. I had been wondering if I just hadn't packed as many as I thought I had, or if maybe the kids had been bringing them into their room. (My other secret suspicion was that Jerrod had been bringing bowls of cereal to sales meeting with him, and leaving the spoons in his car.) We went through the house and car, I couldn't find any, so I'd just assumed that we didn't have as many as I thought we had out here in Georgia with us.

Then a few nights ago, after dinner, I asked Essi to put her dishes in the sink. She was sweet and grabbed her sister's plate and fork as well. Then she came back for the bowls and spoons, and as she was putting them in the sink, we heard in a sweet little sing-song voice, "Bowls in the sink, spoons in the trash!" Jerrod and I both looked at each other, our eyes got huge, and we both just busted up laughing. We went and looked in the trash, and the spoons were in there, as well as the forks. So, apparently, we have less forks than we started out this summer with too.

Now when Essi puts her dishes in the sink, she always reminds me, "I remember! Spoons in the SINK!!"

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Di said...

Ahhaha!!! That is hilarious!! You have the cutest girls in the world!