Saturday, June 28, 2008

This makes no sense.

The how far along are you question drives me nuts. It is impossible to answer!

I just got my "weekly update" on my pregnancy and it says,

"Week By Week - Week Number 25 -

You're now seven months pregnant! Find out what what's in store this week for you and your growing baby."

Okay, I've still got three and a half months left!! I'm SO not 7 months pregnant!

But, when people ask I'm sure as heck going to tell them I am. Then maybe they'll stop with the "You're so huge!" comments.

Is it any wonder our brain stops functioning correctly when we're pregnant. Before you're pregnant, math makes sense! There is always a right answer! 2+2 always equals 4. There is harmony in the mathematical universe. As soon as you're pregnant, the harmonic mathematical universe flies out the window, leaving you in a hormonal mathematical universe where all of the sudden 40 weeks equals 9 months, and you're technically pregnant 2 weeks before you really are, and at 25 weeks, you are 7 months pregnant, and you've still got 3 1/2 (of your 9) months to go!??!

Completely bizzare.

Anyway, I'm using that as my reason for putting the miracle whip in the pantry and the peanut butter in the refrigerator.

(For my somewhat related kid funny, (that's actually incredibly gross) Sariah likes peanut butter and miracle whip sandwiches. She says it makes it taste like Reses, and that she'd like to sell these sandwiches at a shop somewhere.)


Karen said...

What a cute picture! You are so not huge... you have a very cute moderate bump. =] After your post about tact when talking to pregnant women I was expecting you to seriously look like you were 8 or 9 months along, but you don't at all.... You look so good! I guess some people have just never seen someone who is pregnant before... c'mon do you think a whole baby can fit in a bump the size of a grapefruit? =]

Tenise said...

Karen, you're sweet! That's truly a very flattering picture of me right now. I don't know how it turned out as good as it did. But, if it hadn't, there's no way I'd post it on here! LOL! Several hours later, I had no idea how that picture was looking so small! Even so, I don't think I look like I'm about to pop, but everyone keeps saying things that make me wonder if I'm really a lot bigger than I'd thought! I'm feeling pretty good about myself right now, let's see if that lovin' feeling lasts through Sacrament Meeting tomorrow.

But, thank you.

Di said...

Oh my gosh, you are SO gorgeous! Seriously! I hope I look that great during my pregnancy!!!

Tenise said...

Oh Di, you'll look TONS better!! ha ha!! At nine months, you'll look like Snow White, with a small canteloupe tucked in your shirt!

How are you feeling?

WrayFam said...

Tenise I honostly believe it was a man who came up with the conversion rate between weeks and months. It's a lie. Do you think any women would want to get pregnant if they said it lasts 10 months. That's almost a whole year, no way! So they lie and tell us it's 9 months. You look great keep up the good work and thanks for checking my blog. I am somewhat of a bogaholic. It's an addiction really. What makes my day more than anything else is getting a comment on my blog. So keep checking us out because today, you made my day!

Sister Brittster said...

Wow Tenise! Your kids are too cute, as are you! Its nice to see what you're up to.

Leslie & Josh said...

tenise that is so cute and soo true. You it botherts me when I do see people who have only half a volley ball bump at eight and a half months pregnant. I think you look cute. Maybe you're having twins... ;) Or it's just one big beautiful baby.
My second one weighed 9 lbs. Count em.. 9 lbs I was huge. I'm taller than you too! But she was georgous.
I think people aren't used to seeing what a third baby looks like. You know you can pop out there alot faster on subsecuent babies than you do on the first or even the second.
Leslie Phiilips Stoddard

Tenise said...

Well, there's only one in there. But, according to my midwife, he's/I'm measuring a month ahead. Both of my girls were 9+ pounders too. I think a little 6-7 pound baby would be so great! (Plus, they'd probably just fall out on their own while I was doing dishes or something..) But, I grow them big and strong. I think it makes it a bit easier when they're newborn though.. (At least that's what people always tell me, and since it's good, and they're big anyway, I'd rather look at that as a positive!)

So true about subsequent pregnancies. With this one, by two months, I was in maternity clothes.

Becky T said...

Tenise! I'm glad you found my blog. It was fun to see your comment and now see your blog. I love your writing, it is so fun to read! And I kept nodding my head in agreement because honestly due dates/weeks/months/etc make no sense at all! But regardless of that, you look GREAT! It's fun to catch up and see what you're up to. Your girls are beautiful and congrats on a boy coming soon. They are SO fun!!

Mike Bushman said...

Your picture is so darn cute! you look like a super-cute real preggers lady!
I had complications with all my pregnancies and was put on bed-rest with every I gained an average of 60 pounds with each. One day, with my second, I walked out my front door, and my tiny little neighbor came outside. She saw me and said "Oh! Didn't you have your baby already?" I looked down at my enormous self and looked back at her. "Do I look like I had it?" I think it was a month before I had the baby. People always said "Wow! You look huge!" which always followed that "when are you due?" question. One person even told me that I looked like I was going to "Pop!" I mean really...some people are just stupid!
It doesn't help that the wonderful media shows us pics of Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham pregnant. My left leg is as big as Katie's entire body!(when I'm not pregnant!)
You are a doll!
(on a side note, give my congrats to Ammon and Diana!)

Anonymous said...

You look great Tenise...Beautiful actually!

SunnyScarlet said...

That is a darling picture of you, Tenise! You look great!