Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Quick Gush..

So, I'm totally in love. A simple 6 yard strip of jersey knit has brought me more joy and happiness than anything ever.

~Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but it's right up there with Chocolate, Butterflies, and my right arm.~

Have you heard of "Moby Wraps?" All they are are a strip of fabric that's 5-6 yards long by 20-36 inches wide. They are A-freaking-MAZING!! So is this website that tells you how to make one yourself with lots of pictures and fabric suggestions. I can tell you how to make the wrap in one sentence. "Go buy 5 - 6 yards of fabric, cut in in half lengthwise." Viola. It's a wrap. (Well, actually, 2 wraps.) I made mine in like 2 minutes at Jo-Ann's Fabric Tuesday night.

Mine are brown, so I totally look like a Jedi wearing one, and since Tuesday, I've been wearing it constantly. (Pretty much I only take it off to sleep and shower.) It is so wonderful though, I finally feel like myself again! Over the past couple days when we've been out running errands, it's been as easy as not having a baby! (Maybe because the force is with me.) I love having his little self snuggled right next to me. I LOVE being able to use both hands. I'm loving not lugging around those blasted carrier car seats.

My back feels SO much better these past couple days since I've had this. I've been able to do dishes, laundry, and clean out a junk room. (Though my new ability to do those things should probably remain secret...) Right now I'm typing this with my little man strapped to my belly watching me type. (Earlier today I was cutting fabric and sewing.) He's happy, and I can use both hands!!

I'm convinced that this is the best thing EVER for new moms, and that they should give them out at the hospital to help prevent a myriad of problems from back pain to post-partum depression.

We went to the mall Tuesday night, and I was stopped by just about every woman there (pregnant ladies, young moms, old moms, grandmas) to ask where I got this and how it works. Everyone either wanted one or knew someone who would.

Here are the instructions for how to tie the wrap.

Anyway, thanks for letting me gush and if you've got babies or toddlers, go check out the clearance section of your favorite fabric store!!


Shellie said...

Okay I love that you think you look like a jedi in it. Maybe I should by some and wear it and hopefully that will fulfill my husbands "princess leah" fantasy. because there is no way in jell I can wear a gold bikini :)

Tenise said...

Do a white wrap, and you'll totally be Princess Leah! LOL!

Leslie & Josh said...

I just love the way you put things, Tenise. I'm afraid my baby is already to big and mobile to want to be trapped even though he still loves to be carried around. Maybe I should have had one this week while he was teething. That probably would have been easier. I wouldn't have taken it off at all. He even slept in me bed this week. All night long. Usually he at least starts in his bed.

Sister Brittster said...

Look at you! You're all crafty like cheese! I loves it!

Elicia said...

I totally agree. I don't have a wrap, but a sling and you can get a pattern at I think I might try the wrap though, it sounds much more comfortable. It is so nice not to carry the car seat and I've also heard it's handy for keeping small toddlers from running off in the grocery store or keeping them close and not in the cart so when you turn to look at something you don't have to worry about someone stealing your kid.