Saturday, August 23, 2008

Childhood Dream Come True!

Peaches 'n Cream. Barbie.

Can I just say that I've wanted one of these since I was like 5. I thought "Peaches n Cream" Barbie was the best. I loved her dreamy peach dress, and her shimmery bodice, and the cool versatile stole, that you can use in 8 (at least) different ways, her big mother of a ring, and matching earrings. The girls who had peaches n cream barbie were THE coolest. I think my grandma had this one, or maybe my cool cousins. Or I could have just dreamed it. Anyway, she was always my favorite.

Tonight my wonderful husband brought me home a Peaches n Cream Barbie. He got it from a man he worked with, his wife (now deceased) collected Barbies. He told Jerrod to grab one for both of his girls, but he being the sweet husband that he is, got one for me instead! (And I, still having that 6 year old girl inside of me, really don't plan on letting my kids play with her.) It is still in the box unopened. I can't decide whether to keep it unopened, or get her out, and show the girls how cool she is. But, If I let them play with her, it'll only take about 10 minutes for her to be naked and headless.

So, should I play with her, or keep her in the box and worship her?

Oh, and does anyone have a vintage Optimus Prime laying around that I can get for Jerrod? LOL!


WrayFam said...

Worship her! No not in a blasphemous way but she is very fun to admire!

Jadie said...

Keep her in that box! She'll lose the shoes, the earrings--the hair'll get hopelessly matted--the dress'll tear--trust me, I'm a mom of a little girl who once played with a formerly pristine vintage Barbie!

Mike Bushman said...

The saddest thing is...I loved this Barbie and I had her! With all girls in the can imagine her fate. We ripped her clothes, broke her arm off (and once it comes off, it always comes off), and even cut her hair! (I have to take the blame for that one) I would keep her in the box! Then you can give her to one of your girls or granddaughters someday...when she will really appreciate her! I wish I had her now :(

Andrea said...

First, your husband was very sweet to think of you.
I agree with everyone else. Keep her in the box. Maybe you can take her out once and show her to the girls, but QUICKLY put her back in right after. I gave my girls the barbies I had from when I was little (and they were in great condition, a few even had the box-but not anymore. NOPE). Like others said, hair is matted, clothes ripped or lost, hair cut.
Oh, and the Optimus Primus thing is too funny--- My sister-in-law collects transformers. LOL.

Sherian and Co. said...

Hey lady! I started a recipe blog to gather family recipes. I would love to get your email address, and anyone else in your family to be "authors" on the blog. The site is
I don't know if your Mom has other family members emails, but I would love some help getting the word out. You can leave your email on the site and I will add it. Thanks!

Sherian and Co. said...

Oh! I am so glad you are in! My Mom's sauce is 1 part Jelly to two part ketchup. I love that sauce, but I can never tell anyone how's it's made. Nic's hubby actually won't eat it, he's funny like that. He can't get over the combination of grape jelly and ketchup. Thanks for the emails, talk to you soon!

Sherian and Co. said...

I thought I would let you know that the site is "good to go". I sent out a mass email, we'll see who all wants to contribute :)
I posted the recipe format, but let me know what you think. I may have explained things wrong, or just made it sound really confusing.
Thanks again for your help!