Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some time away..

This may be my last post for a while, or it may not. I'm not sure when our internet here will actually be cut off, or how much time I'll have before we actually move.

We're finally packing up, and just about finished with the summer! This is the last week for Jerrod, (YAY!!) and we're hoping to be heading back to Idaho on Monday! That's if I actually get packed this week while Jerrod is gone working. Unfortunately, either our baby or my body seems to have other plans for me, so the packing is slow going.

This summer has been good for us. Though not quite as good as we'd hoped, but we should have sufficient for our needs while Jerrod's back in school this year, so that is a huge blessing. We're really hoping this is our last summer doing this job, but we've hoped that several times, so we'll see.

So hopefully next Monday, we'll load up our van to start our trek west. Once we get to Idaho I have a way too long to do list, and way too little time to accomplish everything that needs to be done. We're hoping to arrive back by the 6th. My due date is one month 4 days later. After getting to Idaho we still need to~

*Get a locksmith to let us into our storage unit. (Thanks hun for putting that key "somewhere safe..")
*Get the key, and move into our new place.
*Set up utilities, and internet.
*Set up the kids bed, possibly buy new mattresses..
*Buy a bed for mom and dad.
*Get rid of as much stuff from our storage unit as possible, so we never have to move it again.
*Meet with our Idaho midwife (for the first time.) and then subsequent weekly visits.
*Buy everything needed for a new baby, as we'd just gotten rid of our baby stuff a couple months before finding out another was on it's way. I don't even remember what all you need? Diapers, wipes, onesies? (We do have a crib and some clothes..)
*Plan and arrange everything for Sariah's baptism on the 13th of September. (Everyone's invited. It's at my parent's stake center. If you need more information, give me a call.)
*Get her special baptism gifts.
*Get Jerrod started in school, and his new job.
*Get enough groceries to make and freeze as many meals as possible before the baby comes.
*Get the house clean.

So, as you can see, by the end of September, we'll be completely out of energy and money.

Luckily, my babies (and my body) in the past haven't been ready for early arrivals. (Sariah was induced early, Essi was induced 2 weeks late.) So, hopefully this baby waits to come. (I can't believe I just said that! I've been ready for this baby to come since I found out he was going to back in February. It's not been a pretty pregnancy.)

So.. Half of me (Probably my physical half.) is hoping that this little man makes his debut in time to become a Virgo rather than a Libra, or worse, a Scorpio. (A Virgo would have him a little more than 2 weeks early, Scorpio would have him a little less than 2 weeks late..) I don't really care what his sign is, I'm just anxious to be able to walk again, sleep on my stomach, and feel like my body is mine again. (Though I'm expecting that to take a while after the baby.) The other half (the half that's read about preterm risks, and the other logical parts of me, so maybe not quite half...) thinks it would be great to wait. Then I'll have more time to finish my to do list.

So, I'd love your well wishes and prayers. Also, a word of advice. Never move within 5 months before or after having a baby. It stinks.


Tara said...

Good luck with everything. I hope it all works out ok. I'll say my prayers for you. Drive Safe!!

Jenny Ricks said...

Summer is almost over! Good luck with the packing and driving, etc. It's great being back in the West and it sounds like you are pretty excited to get home. You're a trooper doing all this with the little one almost here!

Andrea said...

WOW! You are a trooper. We moved just in town (and I wasn't expecting a baby) last year and it was so much work! I never want to move again.
Good luck on your move. I'll miss reading your blog. I always enjoy reading your insights on various things and I love reading about your family. If you don't get a chance to blog before your little one is born, Congrats!

Ammon said...

Oh boy! I am so glad we're done with the packing and getting-everything-ready stage, and are now in the unpacking stage. I wish you the best of luck in all of that awful stress! So you mentioned something about getting a key - does that mean you have an apartment?! Oh good luck, Tenise!

Elicia said...

Being pregnant or recently not pregnant anymore and moving is the pits! Good luck with everything!!!!

Kyle and Tiffany said...

Hey Tenise. Good luck with your move and the new baby. That's a lot of big changes at ones. I hope it all goes well.

Leslie & Josh said...

Good luck, Tenise. Congrats on your baby again and good luck moving in. It's so hard when you're big and pregnant.

Sherian and Co. said...

Hey! I've been a slacker with the cookbook blog. Tell Trista "Hi" for me. I wish we could have made it up there for her homecoming.
If you need a pit-stop on your way home feel free to stop. You can spend the night or your girls can play a while and you can take a nap! We would love to have you.

Jadie said...

Good luck with everything--the baby, the girl! Hey, I was tagged with the "list of 3's" and wrote a post about it in my blog. (Post title: Tagged). I didn't tag you, even though you are a consistent commenter on my blog--thank you!, because I knew you were taking "some time away...". But, when you are up and blogging again (whenever that may be), consider yourself tagged!

Jadie said...

PS: I love the title "Chatterbox." PSS: Before you came up with that title, I thought it was stinking hilarious how you had that really long run-on sentence for your title!

Jadie said...

Does PSS stand for postscriptscript? Just wondering. Okay, I'll quit hogging your blogspace.

Sister Brittster said...

Tenise my darling! I hope this little note finds you well. Hang in there! Good luck with the baptism and the new addition to your family. You are so blessed!

Leslie said...

Hope all is going well Tenise... holler when you get settled again :)