Wednesday, August 13, 2008


A retraction is a public statement, either in print, or by verbal statement that is made to correct a previously made statement that was incorrect, invalid, or in error. The intent of a public retraction is to correct any incorrect information.

The term retraction carries stronger connotation than the term correction. An alteration that changes the main point of the original statement is generally referred to as a retraction while an alteration that leaves the main point of a statement intact is usually referred to simply as a correction.

Anyway, all that stuff I was saying about how fantastic my kids are/were... Um, yeah. Forget it. They're just like everyone else's. Sometimes they are fantastic, and I was sort of starting to like it and get used to it... Other days, um, yeah. How long until I can justify sending them to bed? And HOW does a bedroom get so messy just 2 days after I helped completely clean it?!?


Jadie said...

Very cute blog. Retraction vs. correction--good to know! Also, it takes them 2 days to mess up? How about 2 hours? (You'd think at least a preteen would last a little longer than this, but Noooo!) Um, okay, I'm remembering my own preteen years, and am thus retracting the previous sentence.

LudvigsonFamily said...

I hear ya on the messing things up!! I want to scream most days, it is daily in our house. Tenise you are so sweet. Thanks for you last comment on our blog. I am glad someone reads it and comments. I love getting comments, even though I am not the best at leaving them on others!! By the way the picture of Sariah with her hair curled when she was younger, so cute and precious!!
Take care

Andrea said...

LOL! That is too funny. I think it is just because we are the mom! My girls don't get along (or rarely do and when they are I don't want to say anything for fear to mess it up), and it looks like a tornado hit there room the very day we clean it. I always think, "one day they'll know what we were talking about when they have children." At least I hope so. Loved your post, very clever!